The 73-year-old music icon recently called the 2016 movie her “answer to depression.” It couldn’t hurt, right?
Read up on Kirsten Dunst, Meg Stalter, Hallmark movies and more in a links-only edition of QTB.
I spoke with North Aurora singer-songwriter Katie Bogle about Wham!, Sinatra and more ahead of her upcoming holiday gig.
December is an anxiety minefield, but in my experience a healthy helping of Bravo trash can dull the damage.
Behold a classic tale at the corner of toxic internet fandom and mistaken feline identity.
The pop icon’s 13-year conservatorship is over, but the battle over her finances and legacy is just beginning.
The fatalities at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston were totally avoidable.. but there is money to be made.
Queer prom was proof positive that queer folks are everywhere, and we’re done hiding.
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